Friday, February 18, 2011

Seeking Abundance In the Midst of the Abundance

This post is a list (in case you hadn't noticed)of things I would like to accomplish and may or may not do in the near future. I love the abundance of my full to the brim of goodness, with so many opportunities. I hope that by getting these things out of my head, I will be more inclined to do some of them.

*Sew pretty spring clothes for myself
*Make baby blankets for the newcomers
*Make bigger kid blankets for the siblings of the newcomers
*Study to my heart's content, not just read my scriptures
*Set a beautiful table for the weekly family dinner and have the kitchen clean in the background
*Write heartfelt letters to James every week
*Fly to Texas to visit my sister and tell her how much I love her
*Visit my mom and do some chores for her and have her tell me how she adores me (because she always does whenever I visit)
*Talk to my grand-daughters on the phone (and Skype with Darby because she can't hear the phone)and share my favorite books with them
*Figure out the difference between stuff I need to save for future use and junk that impedes my life
*Go to the zoo whenever my nanny babies say "Let's go to the zoo today."
*Eat at restaurants that are as cool as Poppy, but not as far away, and maybe not as expensive
*Write thank-you notes to all of the people who speak in Sacrament Meeting every week to let them know how much each one inspires me
*Return to having soaring music playing in my home all of the time
*Do more with my sisters
*Make the pretty paper mobiles I have in my head, I love them as much as the dangly earrings I wear
*When I make a pot of herb tea, drink it (lots of times I pour it down the drain the next day)
*Read more old poetry
*Be there for my local children
*Write to my distant children
*Go to Okinawa before Christopher is finished there
*Re-frame lots of family photos and hang them on my dining room wall
*Stencil the places in the house that got painted over. I know stencilling is passe, but I don't care
*Get together with long lost friends, Andrea Mathison, Suzanne Glazier, Debbie Devine, Dona Thaut, Ed and Tanya Bessette etc...
*Find several multi billionaires to finance my bright idea that will save the world (no kidding, I really do have a great idea, but no business savvy, time or money to make it happen)

Has my list prompted you to consider your own list? Share it with me either here or by e-mail

Happy seeking!